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Find out what it takes to become a great gift giver

Don’t let the name fool you; Curating Christmas is about more than just the Christmas holiday.

I’m not good at very many things. I am not saying that to be humble; it is simply the truth. I’m more of a jack of all trades, master of none, you could say. But one day, quite by accident, I discovered something I was able to do very well: gift-giving.

It started when, at age 28, my mother, who had diligently bought her family dozens of little baubles to fill our stockings over the years, turned to me and said: “I think I’m going to let you handle the stocking stuffers from here on out.”

I’d like to say I started small, but I guess I must have felt as if I had something to prove. I scoured the internet, and I made elaborate spreadsheets and lists, I pondered each person’s personality and interests, I budgeted, I saved, I wrapped and wrapped and wrapped. And somehow, after all the work and planning, I was done with my Christmas shopping by December 1st.

The work paid off, and Christmas was a huge success. “Where did you find these things?” more than one family member asked. But I just smiled and shook my head. I didn’t want to reveal my sources. I’d found some little gems along the way and was already planning my gifts for the next year.

As the years progressed, the date of Christmas shopping and wrapping completion moved backward. Presents were purchased and wrapped by November 1st, then October 1st, then September, until shopping for the perfect gift was something that I was doing year-round. It had become a hobby, an obsession.

My reputation as the best gift-giver in the family grew over the years. “How do you consistently find the best gifts each year?” they asked, and still, I was hesitant to answer. It took work. It was fun, but it wasn’t necessarily easy. What’s more, I enjoyed having this strange skill that no one else could quite seem to match.

Finally, after so many years of keeping my methods to myself, I decided I was being selfish. I concluded that it was time to share my sources, my methods of finding the best presents, my ways of budgeting, purchasing, and even my ways of presenting gifts.

That is what Curating Christmas is all about – helping you find the best gift for any occasion, be it for Christmas, a birthday, an anniversary, or even just a simple housewarming gift. I want to help people make an impact with their gift-giving because there is nothing better than the look on a loved one’s face when they unwrap the perfect, thoughtfully selected gift.

So stay tuned for more blog posts about a wide array of gift-giving subjects, as well as a new product suggestion added every Monday through Friday. Because every person is different, product suggestions range from the perfect gift for your mother to silly stocking stuffers for children.

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Happy gifting!

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